Why Mazi is the Best Online Shop to Buy Vintage Style Clothes for Women

June 30, 2017

Because Mazi designer, Effie Evriniadis, creates vintage clothing for women as unique, individually design editions, hers is the ideal online shop from which to buy exquisite vintage fashions today. Her passion for combining vintage lace with antique beading and past years' hues and tonalities have made Effie's period layered fashions outstanding examples of genuine creative artistry in fine dated fabrics and elegant yet quirky antique accessories. Educated at the Melbourne College of Textiles and owner of exclusive Melbourne boutiques, Effie brings the natural, vibrant colors and textures of this intriguing city to her unique clothing designs and artful expressions with lace and beadwork embellishment.

Why Mazi is the Ideal Online Shop for Purchasing Women's Vintage Fashions

There are multiple and varied reasons why Mazi is the very best choice of online shops from which to buy vintage fashions for women today, including the following:

  • Mazi Fashions are Individual Creations as Limited Editions. - Since each Mazi creation is a unique design produced as a limited edition, women who purchase these fashions are wearing custom-created outfits that seem to be made just for them. Effie wants each female who buys her vintage clothing to experience the elation of owning and wearing an exclusive fashion that fits perfectly and feels luxurious and special. She wants each client to feel as unique and outstanding as her authentic garments and vintage ensembles are, gaining appreciation for the love of multi-layered and specialized vintage expressions in shimmering yet sedate beads and lush or light accents of lace.
  • Effie Shows Her Clients How to Fashion Many Varied Outfits from a Few Primary Items. - The essential design aesthetic of Mazi fashions is based on a sensual black fabric accentuated with a dynamic enhancement piece as the completing element to the outfit. In this way, Effie encourages her clients to mix and match outfit elements, creating living ensembles that breathe the essence of newborn vintage elegance, daring and charm.
  • Mazi Garments Create a Unique Essence of Layered Femininity. - With their unique combination of artistic layering of richly hued and textured fabrics, elegant antique beading and exquisite vintage lacework, Mazi fashions embody the very essence of both the complexity and simplicity of pure femininity. The richly layered fabrics add depth and dimension to the slim, sleek lines of each garment and accessory, formed and refined with the ever-present magnetism of creative excellence and allure.

Because Effie and her uniquely feminine vintage creations show women how to feel truly elegant, timeless and at one with themselves, her online shop is truly the best venue for viewing and purchasing one-of-a-kind vintage fashions for women. Effie reveals to all her fans and clients how to fully appreciate wearing one chic, charming and unique antique design, and then to create outfits and nuanced fashions of their own by mixing and matching fabrics, garment pieces, accents and accessories with old world appeal and modern modalities joined together in inseparable and timeless elegance and style.

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