Vintage-Style Slip Dresses: The Casual, Comfy Style for the Most Feminine

January 31, 2017

Women's clothing today is not always in the most feminine of styles. Certain outfits even mimic styles that men wear. For example, at a recent awards dinner, we saw a woman in a tuxedo with a male cut to it. When in search of ultra-feminine clothes, you should consider the vintage-style slip dresses here at Mazi that are casual and comfy. Once you adorn your body with one of these dresses, you will quickly notice how they bring out the best of your body to make you feel like a real woman.

Examples of Our Styles of Slip Dresses

  • Black Long Scoop Slip Style #4231 - You will discover that this number is all in black including its lace trim and straps. Contains high-quality poly-spandex fabric that is casual, comfy and moves with you not against you.
  • Cherry Bomb Long Scoop Slip Style #4348 - This number is in fuchsia with black lace trim and black straps. The same comfortable poly-spandex fabric goes into this one that is in the above black one.
  • Ruby Long Scoop Slip Style #4173 - If you dare, boldly wear this red number. The body of the dress is a rich red colour and contains black lace trim and black straps. You will definitely turn heads when you enter the room in this vintage-style slip dress.

Complement These Dresses With a Cardigan or a Coat

Whatever style of our slip dresses that you select for your wardrobe, complement it with one of our cardigans or coats. One cardigan example that is attractive with the black long scoop slip is the Kiss and Tell Cardi in the Heaven colour, which is pale pink. It has black lace trim and adornments on it, and this cardi will hug your body gently to bring out your curves when you fasten it in the front. A coat example is The Monique Coat in the Python colour, which is black. You can wear this coat with any of the above slip dresses, but it is stunning with the Cherry Bomb or Ruby ones. Since the coat also is made with poly-spandex material, it is as comfortable as the dresses are to wear to activities.

Accessorise to Enhance Your Look

We also offer a line of vintage-inspired accessories to enhance your outfit even further, and this line includes:

  • Corsages
  • Jewellery
  • Stockings
  • Trinkets

Rely on Mazi for vintage-style slip dresses that are high-quality, ultra-feminine, casual and comfy to wear to events or other places. We specialise in creating clothing and accessories that are reminiscent of a bygone fashion era.

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