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Vintage Style Long-Sleeved Wrap and Tie Waist Dress: What Makes This Style a Popular Choice?

January 17, 2017

If you are into vintage-inspired clothing, you should consider the long-sleeved, wrap and tie waist dresses that we create and sell here at Mazi. Dresses such as these are a highly popular choice with our customers. You may be wondering why this is a fact, and we share the main reasons here in this information.

Wrap Dresses Will Not Ruin Your Hairdo

When you slip on the dresses that wrap and tie at the waist, you can do so without ruining your hairstyle. Since you put them on the same way as you would a button-up blouse, there is no need to slip them on over your head similar to other dress styles.

Ultra Feminine Lines

Our wrap dresses hug your arms and bodice in just the right manner to accentuate your best features. In addition, the V-neck shows a feminine amount of cleavage without being lewd or crass about it. The dress freely flows over the hips in a semi-straight nature without being snug in the same manner as a pencil skirt. You can tie the sash in the middle front or off to the side.

Mazi Wrap Dresses Contain Comfortable Fabric

With a Mazi, long-sleeved, wrap and tie waist dress you receive a creation in sensual, comfortable fabrics such as poly spandex, the dress moves with you not against you. You will be able to walk and raise your arms without resistance.

Vintage-Inspired Designs

Our Rhea wrap dress in Deco Dream is a vintage-inspired pattern of black squares with white lines in between them. Also, this dress comes in another colour called Panther that is solid black. The shape and wrap design are also reminiscent of certain bygone days of fashion. These are just two examples of what Mazi can offer you with the wrap dresses.

Close Securely With the Tie

You will be able to wear our wrap dresses without fearing that they will fly open since they tie securely in such a way that the bow or knot stays in place all day. In addition, a sufficient amount of the dress overlaps on the other section to ensure that there are no unpleasant reveals of body parts that you wish to keep hidden from view.

Mazi is all about bringing back a vintage-inspired collection of clothing that is romantic and feminine in design. We offer these long-sleeved, wrap and tie waist dresses along with other styles of clothing and accessories to enhance your vintage look in a new and fresh way. Discover everything we have to provide today to feel as much like a woman as possible while attending your various work or leisure activities.

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