Vintage Style Cardigans that Complement the Classic Dressy Look

March 29, 2017

Finding the perfect dressy outfit is one of life's greatest victories as a female. But it can be somewhat difficult to find the perfect sweater to go with such an ensemble, particularly a formal one. However, the option of pairing a vintage style cardigan with a classic dress or dressy outfit can be absolutely stunning.

Shopping for a semi-formal or dressy occasion can be fun but it can also seem like a daunting task. And then there's always the issue of what to wear over the outfit so that you aren't freezing. After all, you can' just wear the same old black sweater you wear to work or just wear every weekend. You need something that matches the outfit and enhances the overall look. Vintage style cardigans can do just that.

The right fit for a cardigan is essential. If you're wearing a fitted dress than chances are that you'll want a fitted sweater to go over top of it. After all, a bulky sweater won't let you show off your dress, nor will it go with the overall look of formality. A sleek cardigan with some high-end detailing is a far better choice.

An embellished vintage style cardigan doesn't detract from the dressy look at all. Quite the opposite. It can add to the desired look. The form fitting style can enhance your natural shape, while the added embellishments such as lacing around the collar, lace borders, and one of a kind buttons or fasteners all add visual interest.

The dressy look does not mean that you have to wear something uncomfortable. It also doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style for comfort. Women often think in order to wear fashionable clothing that they are destined to be uncomfortable while wearing it. And that simply isn't true.

If you're looking for something to wear to enhance the dressy look and add some style, a vintage style cardigan is a stunning choice. It can certainly go a long way toward pulling a look together and making it one of a kind. The attention to detail and classic lines can improve any outfit and help you look your best.

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