Qualities that Make Vintage Clothing Style more Feminine and Romantic

July 27, 2017

Vintage clothing for women is often considered more feminine and romantic than many contemporary clothing designs today. The romantic essence of fashions from an earlier era may be the aspect of donning the look and persona of another time with a distant, somewhat unknown and enticing mystique. While wearing the fashions of a time we have read or seen films or video footage about, but not personally experienced, we are living another lifetime and style while still operating in our own modern, contemporary setting. In a sense, we are stepping back and forth between the present and a past year or decade that we only truly recognize from limited knowledge or experience. This can lend a strong sense of the romantic to the vintage clothing that transports us into this bygone era at will or whim, each time we wear it.

Specific Qualities that Make Vintage Clothing Style More Feminine and Romantic

When wearing vintage clothing fashions, we experience certain time-related feelings and sensibilities that make this clothing seem more feminine and romantic than our familiar modern styles. Qualities that seem to render these antique fashions as more feminine and romantic include the following:

  • Sleek Garment Lines that Cover Yet Define Your Body's Lines. - Many female fashions from the 1930s, '40s and '50s have sleek, slim lines that cling to and define the overall lines and shapes of your body. The romantic quality and feminine allure come from the aspect of a figure well covered, but strongly defined to reveal and describe the true essence of the feminine form and its enduring mystique.
  • Simple Definition and Elegance of Clothing Lines that Move with Your Body. - Simple lines of clothing that moves with your body as you move or walk about create the look of classic feminine strength in its startlingly romantic elegance. The romance shines through the stylish dance of a long step, unexpected turn or swirl of fabric over form, creating the fashionable suggestion of unspoken emotions.
  • Sheer Stylish Allure of Luxurious Fabrics, Textures and Hues. - Vintage clothing offers the sheer style and allure of luxurious fabrics from another time period with appealing textures and magnetic hues. They almost have a breathing lifestyle of their own due to their strength of character and empowering persona, transporting us directly into the feminine style and romance of different time-frames in the gold encircled photos of antique yet immediate intrigue.

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