Mix and Match Your Clothes with the Best Vintage Style Accessories for the Holiday Season

December 5, 2016

It seems that every year during the holidays the style for parties is either a black short dress or the basic Le Smoking suit. However, this holiday doesn’t need to bring on the boring and blasé attire. Instead, you can spice up the season with a little mix and match clothes. Add the best vintage style accessories plus some attractive vintage jewelry and you will be walking in Vogue style. From silky slip dresses to velvety jackets, try a few mix and match ideas. Convert the same old style into something fabulous and festive for the season.

Silky Slip Dresses

The free flowing silky slip dresses are quite fashionable this season. At the height of fashion, slip dresses are mixed and matched with either a rose corsage or an elegant neck piece such as a jeweled peacock chandelier necklace. Finish the look with some divine black net stockings and your favorite fashionable heels.

Velvety Stretch Jacket

Velvet is always a popular material to wear during the holidays. This season, mix and match a velvety stretch jacket with your favorite party dress. To finish the look, add corsage for the neck and maybe even a necklace if you are feeling bold. Put on some fishnet stockings plus some fancy shoes and you are ready to have a ball.

The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is making a comeback in the designing world of fashion. In fact, the style quickly hit the runways for this seasons craze. The ideal pairing includes a strappy singlet shirt, a lovely corsage, stockings and a pair of fashionable shoes.

For example, the perfect seasonal fad would be a black pencil skirts, silky red strappy shirt coupled with a red rose corsage with black fish net stocking and pumps to match.


Everyone loves a cardigan sweater. It is the type of vintage fashion that never fades. This season, why not choose one of your favorite outfits and match it with a gorgeous cardigan sweater? The ideal mix and match would be a favorite skirt or form fitting active wear for casual style. The secret is to keep the colors simple so that the detailed embroidery on the sweater will stand out. Add a nice corsage and you are ready for the day.

Casual Wear

This season, even your casual wear can have a look that is fabulous. Try wearing a favorite shirt with some vintage leggings or some bootleg pants. You can also add a little bravado to your style with the Paula Ponti Pant that has extreme versatility for mix and match clothes to suit your individual style. A nice jacket and a corsage will complete the look.

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