For the Love of Lace: What is the Origin of Lace and Its Significant is Femininity?

March 22, 2017

Lace garments and clothing embellished with lace accents and trim are definite symbols of femininity in worldwide cultures today and throughout history. Lace can be designed and skillfully used to represent the wearer's innocence, purity or delight in willful naughtiness and a risque lifestyle. During the Victorian era, white lace was used to cover-up bawdy or shady behavior by giving the wearer the look and ambiance of lily white naivety. However, in modern societies, lace of many fabrics, patterns, colors and stylized designs is used to adorn, brighten and enliven clothing of all types. Regardless of whether it is used to enhance formal or casual fashions, lace still embodies the essence of femininity and elegance, whether playful or serious in nature and intent.

Powerful Effects of Different Lace Colors and Styles in Clothing

Different types, styles and colors of lace clothing and garments decorated with lace elicit very different interpretations and responses in the viewer's eye. These varied perceptions and reactions to lace include the following:

  • White Lace Dresses. - Pure white lace dresses or dresses created from soft white fabric and trimmed or accentuated with delicate white lace are worn by babies during their christening ceremonies and young brides on their wedding days. Signifying the epitome of youthful innocence and purity, these beautiful garments are often carefully packed away afterward for safe keeping and to be passed along to the next generation in remembrance of past family events.
  • Black Lace Garments. - Dress designs in black lace or with black lace accents and accessories are often worn at funerals and following family tragedies to signify periods of mourning. Black lace stockings, however, have long been considered attractive and alluring symbols of flirtation and seduction. Throughout the history of literature, women clad in black lace were often depicted as having mysterious or questionable lifestyles and natures.
  • Lace of Many Colors. - Today, clothing that includes lace comes in many colors, patterns and textures. However, the most risque, wild or scandalous color is red. Dresses and other garments of scarlet signify a fiery, turbulent and cunning personality and lifestyle, and a figure clad in brilliant red lace represents bright flames of desire and passion.

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