Flirty Vintage Style Dresses Stays in Trend for Year 2017

December 8, 2016

Start your year off right with numerous fashion statements. With this year’s vintage styles, your trend setting wardrobe can be filled with outrageous and eye catching outfits. Discover the many ways you can easily transform your wardrobe from blasé to fantastic. 

The Flirty Vintage Dress

This coming year, flaunt your stuff with the perfect wardrobe embraced with flirty vintage dresses. You can walk the walk in Vogue style with a full on vintage look or mix and match with the old and new.

The Audrey Dress blush fancy and care-free, the Audrey dress says it all. This fine-looking lace dress with a paisley print is the perfect combo of flirty form and classy style. It is worn with a slinky and smooth long slip that is a delicate cherry bomb colour. Pull the Aubrey look together with the perfect accessories such as a crimson or black chandelier necklace, an eye-catching black rose corsage and tailored vintage knee length Monique coat.

The Melanie Dress this flirty red strawberry dress is at the height of vogue fashion. It is a style that embodies the popular Marilyn Monroe classics. Sleek and form fitting where it counts and then free flowing below the derriere. To complete the look, add the beautiful black chandelier necklace, the all-purpose black rose corsage and the stylish knee-length stretchy Monique coat.

The Brigitte Dress this dress brings Florence, Italy to your doorstep. It is a peasant type dress with class and panache. Take this class dress up a notch with an ensemble of a midnight gothic corsage, gothica chandelier necklace and leather like spandex Monique coat that nicely drapes to the knees.

The Missy Dress perfect for a garden party, the Missy dress is a well-designed piece that is a great addition to your wardrobe. Classy and sleek yet flowing plus the simple pattern is divine. Pair with a ruby or onyx coloured chandelier necklace, a deep black rose corsage and a Merlot Monique bouclé coat that shouts comfort and warm style.

The Divine Dress the divine dress is an incredibly flirty but classy ensemble when paired with vintage accessories. The dress is a bouquet of pink and white flowers with a crimson backdrop. Underneath you have a sleek long scoop slip in cherry bomb that delicately caresses the body. And for the perfect party look, spice it up with a classic bejeweled chandelier necklace, a black corsage to accent the neckline and a classy knee length Monique coat for chilly nights.

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