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Flirty Vintage Style Dresses Stays in Trend for Year 2017

December 8, 2016

Start your year off right with numerous fashion statements. With this year’s vintage styles, your trend setting wardrobe can be filled with outrageous and eye catching outfits. Discover the many ways you can easily transform your wardrobe from blasé to fantastic.

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Mix and Match Your Clothes with the Best Vintage Style Accessories for the Holiday Season

December 5, 2016

It seems that every year during the holidays the style for parties is either a black short dress or the basic Le Smoking suit. However, this holiday doesn’t need to bring on the boring and blasé attire. Instead, you can spice up the season with a little mix and match clothes. Add the best vintage style accessories plus some attractive vintage jewelry and you will be walking in Vogue style.

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Be Uniquely Different This Coming Holiday Season: Be a Mazi Girl

November 24, 2016

It seems that around the holidays, fashion seems to come to a standstill. Everyone naturally wears the standard red Christmas sweater with black pants. Even the typical black dress for the office parties has lost its appeal. This Christmas, try spicing your style up a bit and be uniquely different for the holidays.

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ausi made

Mazi Vintage Style: Clothing Designs That Are Uniquely Australian Made

November 9, 2016

At Mazi’s, you will adore the modish vintage fashion and retro inspired clothing that is endless. If you are like Mazi’s, you have the passion for the unique; you frequently search for things of the past such as matchless Australian made clothing. Some of the best finds and exciting attire include un-constrained dropped waist shapes of the 1920s and the circle skirts of the 1950s.

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How Textile Designs and Texture Affect Fashionable Vintage Clothing Designs

October 31, 2016

When it comes to high fashion, textile designs and texture affect play a big role in status, especially vintage clothing designs. In truth, vintage inspired apparel is all about the right combinations of textile designs and texture affect.

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Unique Old-Fashioned Jewellery Designs from Mazi

October 17, 2016

Designers agree; one of the best and most exclusive styles today is to dress outside the box. For instance, unique retro designs in attire and jewellery are hitting the runways. In fact, both ELLE and Vogue have integrated many retro looks into their line. Moreover, vintage elements are being integrated on both a large and small scale in portfolios, blogs, online shops and corporate designs. In fact, a diversity of design frameworks has become a splash for marketing numerous types of products.

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Relive the Past Era with Vintage-Inspired Clothing Designs from Mazi

September 30, 2016

If you miss the ultra-feminine fashions of a past era, rejoice over the fact that now you can relive that time era with vintage-inspired clothing designs from Mazi. We design sensual dresses in a variety of styles from simple black ones to dresses with lace trim and enhancements along with coats, skirts, cardigans, tops and basics. In addition, our fashions fit a wide range of body sizes, including XS, S, L, XL and XXL. On top of this, we provide accessories to enhance your outfit in just the right manner.

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Are You Craving a Unique Clothing Style?

September 9, 2016

Shopping for fashionable clothing today can be so incredibly unfulfilling, thanks to the mass production of styles. Every store you enter may contain numerous sizes of the exact same dresses, cardigans or other clothing items. After browsing through the stores, you leave without purchasing a single piece, as you crave a unique style to wear to work, special events or other activities.

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Mix 'n Match Your Modern Look with Quirky and Classic Vintage Style Clothing Designs

August 31, 2016

If you are a person who changes styles gradually, you will be glad to know that you can mix and match your modern pieces with our quirky and classic vintage-inspired clothing designs. There is no need to wear only one style of clothes at a time.

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Roses and Laces: Classic Feminine Designs That Never Grow Old

August 12, 2016

Classic feminine designs need to include quality materials, lines that complement the curvature of a woman's body, and the right accessories and trims. Here at Mazi, we understand that roses and laces enhance an outfit in the ideal manner to provide a timeless appeal for these designs. Both of these elements have been popular for centuries to create a romantic feeling to clothing and in other areas of life.

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Vintage Style Hosiery to Match Your Vintage Style Dress

July 26, 2016

To capture the essence of a bygone fashion, you will need one of our vintage style dresses along with a pair of our vintage style hosiery. We provide a variety of choices on the latter for you and each one offers a unique enhancement to your outfit. The pair that is right for your outfit will depend on the type of look you wish to achieve with our styles.

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old fashion

Classic Vintage Style Dresses "On Sale" Online: Creating a Versatile Feminine Impression

July 8, 2016

No other garment seizes the appeal of femininity quite like classic vintage style dresses. Whether the design is simple or larger-than-life for a special occasion, dresses offer an exemplary ladylike approach to style.

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old fashion

Why, I Love Feminine and Classic Fashion?

June 30, 2016

Throughout history, classic and feminine clothing has made a wonderful and pragmatic impact on the world of fashion. Classic and feminine clothing is purposely designed to accentuate and flatter all shapes and sizes, these timeless, graceful shapes and styles will always be popular with a certain kind of woman, the kind of woman who says “yes” to her femininity and yes to style.

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Shop Online: Feminine Dresses for Casual and Formal Occasions

June 22, 2016

When in search of feminine dresses for casual and formal occasions, shop online at Mazi to discover the ideal outfit for your needs. All Mazi designs are vintage-inspired, glam creations that capture the flavor of a bygone era, an era when women would naturally embrace their femininity on a glamourous and seductive level.

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Capture the Essence of Femininity with unique design by Mazi

May 31, 2016

When looking for that illusive feminine touch in fashion there is no better place to look to than right here at Mazi. Mazi specializes in quirky, feminine, vintage-inspired skirts, cardigans, leggings, accessories and dresses for women that are reminiscent of a time when women enjoyed dressing the part.

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black dress

Vintage Frills: Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Retro Vintage Clothes

May 18, 2016

Your outfit of retro vintage clothes is not complete until you add attractive vintage accessories to it. To go along with your classic wrap dress, luxurious cardigan or other pieces of our vintage-inspired designs, Mazi also offers jewellery, corsages, stockings, trinkets and belts that are reminiscent of the same era.

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pink dress

All about Mazi: Vintage Inspired, love of lace, old world color and all things feminine.

April 29, 2016

The Mazi look could easily be described as a celebration of the feminine, a vintage inspired collaboration of all things pretty, soft, quirky and above all, oh so very feminine.

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Vintage Inspired Feminine Fashion

Vintage Inspired Feminine Fashion: What Makes Mazi Unique and Special?

April 15, 2016

Mazi vintage inspired feminine clothing never goes out of fashion. This vintage inspired classic, feminine style is timeless, romantic and unique. The Mazi style can revolutionize the way you dress.

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