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Qualities that Make Vintage Clothing Style more Feminine and Romantic

july 27, 2017

Vintage clothing for women is often considered more feminine and romantic than many contemporary clothing designs today. The romantic essence of fashions from an earlier era may be the aspect of donning the look and persona of another time with a distant, somewhat unknown and enticing mystique.

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Basic and Classic: Simple Vintage-Inspired Clothing Designs for Regular Occasions

july 19, 2017

The term vintage-inspired clothing may conjure up highly formal designs that are ideal only for a night out or other special event. However, here at Mazi, we design this type of clothing in such a way that you can wear our creations to work or shopping, or during relaxing, casual moments. We transform stretchy jersey knits, floral prints, lace material, intricate trims and other materials into a wide assortment of basic, classic and simple vintage-inspired clothing designs for everyday wear.

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Why Mazi is the Best Online Shop to Buy Vintage Style Clothes for Women

June 30, 2017

Because Mazi designer, Effie Evriniadis, creates vintage clothing for women as unique, individually design editions, hers is the ideal online shop from which to buy exquisite vintage fashions today. Her passion for combining vintage lace with antique beading and past years' hues and tonalities have made Effie's period layered fashions outstanding examples of genuine creative artistry in fine dated fabrics and elegant yet quirky antique accessories.

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Classic Flower Corsages to Complement Your Classic Feminine Look

June 20, 2017

When you are wearing classic styles or vintage clothing designs that reflect a classic taste in clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories, a lovely classic flower corsage will be the ideal finishing touch to complement and complete your classic feminine look and sensibility.

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Vintage-Style Winter Coats to Make a Wintery, Glamorous Fashion Statement

May 29, 2017

Now that you own a wide selection of vintage-inspired dresses, skirts, tops and accessories from Mazi, it is time to complete your look in the appropriate manner for the cold weather of winter. The way you accomplish this is by wearing vintage-style winter coats. They contain the same flattering lines as your clothing collection does while providing sufficient warmth and protection against the chilly temperatures.

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Vintage Style Pants and Leggings: Stylish Designs for the Modern Woman

May 15, 2017

There's absolutely no substitute for classic style - it is an enduring look that can be worn by almost every woman. However, that certainly doesn't mean that it’s boring or cookie cutter. Vintage style pants and leggings are absolutely the cornerstone of a woman's closet - they can be dressed up or down to suit just about any occasion.

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Handcrafted Cameo Pendant That Brings Glamour to Every Classic Dress Style

April 28, 2017

When in need of a glamorous accessory to complete your vintage-inspired dress, you should consider the elegance that a handcrafted cameo pendant will bring to it. The basic design of this piece of jewelry dates back centuries and is still popular today. Mazi offers this accessory in different versions to complete every classic dress style that we create along with our other clothing and accessory items.

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Mazi Styling Solutions: Benefits of Having Classic Dress Choices for the Feminine Woman

April 13, 2017

Women are generally drawn to fashion because of how it makes them feel. That can mean strong yet feminine, sexy, demure...the list goes on. As females, we are drawn to clothing that does more than make us look good. We want to feel good as well. Many women also buy pieces that are classic - meaning they don't go out of style. We may pair them with different accessories to change things up but we know the importance of making classic choices as well as making trendy choices.

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Vintage Style Cardigans that Complement the Classic Dressy Look

March 29, 2017

Finding the perfect dressy outfit is one of life's greatest victories as a female. But it can be somewhat difficult to find the perfect sweater to go with such an ensemble, particularly a formal one. However, the option of pairing a vintage style cardigan with a classic dress or dressy outfit can be absolutely stunning.

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For the Love of Lace: What is the Origin of Lace and Its Significant is Femininity?

March 22, 2017

Lace garments and clothing embellished with lace accents and trim are definite symbols of femininity in worldwide cultures today and throughout history. Lace can be designed and skillfully used to represent the wearer's innocence, purity or delight in willful naughtiness and a risque lifestyle.

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Australian-Made, Classic-Style Dresses and Accessories: Available in Wholesale and Retail Online

February 22, 2017

With all the extreme fashion offerings today, you may have a difficult time locating Australian-made, classic-style dresses and accessories that enhance a woman's figure in a flattering manner if you do not know where to look for such creations. The good news is that you need not search any further for these fashionable items than the Mazi website.

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Online Store Sale! Take Advantage of Vintage Style Classic Dresses

February 14, 2017

Mazi is a designer and manufacturer of various styles of romantic, feminine and vintage-inspired clothes and accessories. You will step back in time when you shop with us since our clothing captures the essence of a bygone fashion era when women were not afraid to embrace their femininity.

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Vintage-Style Slip Dresses: The Casual, Comfy Style for the Most Feminine

January 31, 2017

Women's clothing today is not always in the most feminine of styles. Certain outfits even mimic styles that men wear. For example, at a recent awards dinner, we saw a woman in a tuxedo with a male cut to it. When in search of ultra-feminine clothes, you should consider the vintage-style slip dresses here at Mazi that are casual and comfy.

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Vintage Style Long-Sleeved Wrap and Tie Waist Dress: What Makes This Style a Popular Choice?

January 16, 2017

If you are into vintage-inspired clothing, you should consider the long-sleeved, wrap and tie waist dresses that we create and sell here at Mazi. Dresses such as these are a highly popular choice with our customers. You may be wondering why this is a fact, and we share the main reasons here in this information.

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